An award-winning approach to diversity

Our approach towards Diversity has gained peer recognition, winning a European Diversity award. Described as “game-changing” by an industry expert, not just for the Tier 1 global bank involved, but for the financial services industry in general, our approach is significantly different from what’s become the ‘norm’ in corporate D&I.

Everything we do, from the way we approach surveys to getting to the heart of what people really feel and encouraging them to get involved in an agenda of change going forward, stands out from the crowd. We immerse all stakeholders fully in the creative process, and hand over to your internal resources after we go, leaving you with an invigorated, sustainable agenda of change.

A bold, effective and INCLUSIVE approach

We thrive on finding new ways to connect people and bring them together. We’ve designed and delivered initiatives that have brought thousands of people together across the globe in over 38 countries with remarkable results that have won Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) industry accolade.

We approach D&I like a creative agency, with a focus on achieving relevant, impactful results.


For SMEs that may not have dedicated D&I resources, we can provide comprehensive support. This could start with a deep-dive diagnostic, and lead on to a new D&I strategy with relevant policies to ensure compliance standards are met. We’re also able to create bespoke, collaborative events which bring people together across different geographies. In fact, our initiatives have challenged perceptions of what Diversity in the workplace can achieve.

For large organisations with internal D&I resources we can provide support in the form of a neutral 3rd party diagnostic analysis. We can then make recommendations that reflect a fresh and neutral outside perspective.

We design and run bespoke events, workshops or conferences for D&I-focused global celebrations like International Women’s Day.

We develop original concepts from your brief to organise initiatives like campaigns or events in specific D&I strands including Gender, LGBT, Cultural Difference, Religion & Belief, Disability or Age. We can also manage your D&I award submissions.

Upgrade your Diversity agenda with Together.
Together Programmes


A creative agency approach towards Diversity

We apply the Together ethos to Diversity, with a ‘creative agency’ mindset to ensure your initiatives make an impact, not just tick a box. In the case of SMEs, which often lack dedicated D&I resources, relying on side-of-desk volunteers instead, we can design and deliver events and initiatives that will generate buzz and excitement. For large organisations, this can involve bringing fresh perspectives to support your internal resources.

We design initiatives around all Diversity Strands such as Gender, LGBT and Cultural Diversity. Our collaborative design process engages all stakeholders, bringing them into the creative process to achieve end results that show the power of Diversity through a new lens.



Preparing graduates for international careers

Our workshops help Indian graduates prepare for careers in an increasingly globalised working environment. Focusing on the cultural and behavioural requirements needed to build a successful career, they are currently designed for final year students and recent graduates from leading universities across India.

We equip recent graduates with the competencies they need to excel in the modern workplace like communication skills and the art of cultural agility.

We also run workshops for organisations on-boarding recent graduates. This includes a full induction for new recruits that introduces them to the organisational culture and stakeholders at different levels within the organisation.

Case study

Tier 1 global UK bank

A new approach to Diversity & Inclusion that’s equally innovative and impactful

The following Case Studies, carried out for a Tier 1 global bank with headquarters in the UK, illustrate creative responses to brief.


‘The Women Behind the Numbers’

The brief
  • Create an event concept around women at all levels of the organisation, not just senior executive levels, and share globally
  • Create a film to show at global International Women’s Day events as an ‘inspiring scene-setter’ that brings to life the diversity and achievements of women in the bank globally
  • Create the film in 2 weeks on a limited budget
The solution
  • Asked women globally to respond to the brief, “Describe a number that means something to you”, given that they work in a numbers-oriented industry
  • Stories shared around the ‘numbers’ theme presented an intimate portrait of women across the bank expressed in the form of numbers
The results
  • Anecdotal feedback acknowledged the video and event concept for its innovative approach
  • Concept can be used going forward by internal resources to celebrate the achievements of ‘women at all levels of the organisation’
D&I Policy event

‘The Diversity Advantage’

The brief
  • Develop concept for a policy-making initiative for colleagues at all levels across all D&I strands, including those not engaged with the D&I agenda
  • Outputs to inform the bank’s D&I strategy day
The solution
  • ½-day off-site brain-storm event with ‘themed’ discussion groups – free from D&I terminology
  • The event addressed D&I overall, extending to categories not traditionally included in the D&I agenda like socially disadvantaged and ‘the Establishment’
  • The event addressed D&I overall, extending to categories not traditionally included in the D&I agenda
  • Table outputs – 1 x future goal & 3 x actions in 25 words (like Tweets)
  • Live voting mechanism with attendees invited to form Working Groups to drive initiatives forward
The results
  • Unprecedented attendance levels for a D&I event
  • A new approach to D&I: delivering real results, in real time
  • Referenced externally as by the bank across Group as ‘Best Practice’ in D&I
LGBT survey & event

‘Strength in Diversity, the Power of Understanding’

The brief
  • Create a sustainable agenda of change to position the bank as a gay-friendly employer, embedding inclusion into the business culture
  • Conduct a delve-deep, investigative global survey to uncover attitudes relevant to the LGBT
The solution
  • Interactive event in London to engage colleagues – both heterosexual and LGBT – in open dialogue connecting colleagues across 10+ countries.
  • Round-table discussions and personal stories connecting sexual orientation to professional performance drive home the business case message.
The results
  • Programme outputs helped the bank rise 19 positions in the Stonewall Equality Workplace Index (Top 100 Gay-Friendly Employers industry benchmark) in just 2 years
  • Anecdotal feedback shows real examples of colleagues choosing to reveal their LGBT status for the first time, demonstrating a changing workplace culture
  • External recognition: ‘Diversity Champion’ award winner at the European D&I Awards, programme sponsor gained significant press profile.