Co-creating a culture of trust

Culture is typically considered a taboo subject, yet research identifies cultural differences and communication breakdowns as major factors in outsourcing project failure.

We tackle cultural differences in ways that are designed to set distributed teams on the right track to success. By focusing on the misunderstandings and common pitfalls that can trip teams up, we ensure nobody drops the ball.

We recognise that the ‘right’ way to do things is often dictated by cultural bias, both national and corporate. That’s why we break down cultural barriers, then build a team culture suited to delivering agreed objectives. Together.

It’s all about the bottom line

We know that in the margin-conscious world of outsourcing, cost is king. Our focus on performance means our programmes are designed to impact the bottom line.

For SME outsourcing clients, who can’t afford the consequences of project failure, our programmes provide a safeguard against it happening. For larger client organisations, complex teams operating across multiple locations augment scale of risk, and the need to get it right. For offshore suppliers, cost savings are felt in areas like increased efficiency and low attrition rates.

In case studies, offshore delivery teams that have gone through our programmes achieved positive agile metrics, including team velocity, burn-down rates and time-to-market “well above company average” compared to their UK counterparts. That’s why we consider our programmes are a wise investment.

Together Programmes
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Building your Agile transformation programme on a high-trust culture sets you up for success

Agile is fast becoming the industry norm. Yet large-scale Agile transformation programmes can fail to realise the intended benefits because they miss a crucial step. When Agile processes are imposed on Waterfall cultures, instead of Agile cultures built from the bottom up, Agile is build on weak foundations.

That’s why we address the cultural gaps and resulting behavioural misalignments before starting on the Agile journey. By creating solid foundations in the form of a high-trust culture, mutual understanding and behavioural alignment, we can help set Agile transformation programmes up for success.

We engage hearts and minds across the organisation to ensure everyone’s included and reaps the benefits.



Award-nominated approach to building high performing offshore agile delivery teams

The ‘Gateway’ programme starts with a 3-month phase made up of needs analysis, 2 weeks of intensive on-site training, followed by a support phase to launch high-performance distributed teams. During this time, teams are fully integrated into your organisation culturally, behaviourally and operationally. The programme can be run with new or established distributed teams.

Retrospectives provide additional support throughout the first year of operation. If required, Together can set up hand-picked offshore teams in India as part of our team extension model in Indian IT hubs with various partner organisations. Alternatively, we can work with your existing IT supplier to set up their new teams using Together’s award-nominated methodology.



Finding, attracting and retaining top talent to build great offshore teams

Competition for the best talent, particularly in offshore IT, is increasingly fierce. To help you attract the best offshore talent, we have a range of services to support your recruitment needs.

We can support your existing offshore supplier with the right messaging and streamlining of the recruitment process. We can also recruit teams directly with our offshore partners, designing and delivering an engaging recruitment campaign from scratch to reach the right candidates and get them excited about the opportunity.

We understand the importance of marketing the role correctly and finding innovative ways to reach the target audience with the right message.